XenDrive Motorsports was created on three very basic principles:

The auto-repair industry has gotten a really bad reputation over the years, and rightfully so. There's simply too many mechanics who care about money - and nothing else. Not to mention, there's way too many mechanics who simply don't know what they're doing!

How is anyone supposed to trust these "mechanics"? Many set off to do work themselves. (Apply Here!) Other's find themselves paying obnoxiously high prices, just to keep their pride-and-joy running right. And, then there's the handful of people who take the gamble with their local mechanic.

More often than not, your car doesn't end up getting care it deserves. We've heard (and seen) too many "horror" stories, and that's what started the idea of XenDrive Motorsports. Not only do we specialize in auto-repair, but we're all about performance upgrades.

The website is currently undergoing major construction, this is just a place-holder - I promise!

// Brandon